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Mars 13 October 2005
NGC 7048 Planetary Nebula
IC1396 Nebula
M57 Ring Nebula

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Canon Filter removal and replacement.

Brand New Canon EOS dSLR cameras.

Canon Camera Control.
    Serial (computer) Control.
    Modified N3 Remote.
    N3 Remote Control Conversion.
    Serial to USB Converter.

Canon Pro Power Supplies.
    DC Pro supply Canon 350D or 400D.
    DC Pro supply Canon 450D, 500D or 1000D.
    DC Pro supply Canon 1100D & 1200D.
    DC Pro supply Canon 550D, 600D, 650D or 700D.
    DC Pro supply Canon D60, 300D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D.
    DC Pro supply Canon 5D MkII, 6D, 7D, 60D & 70D.
    DC Pro supply Canon 100D.


Philips SPC900 SC1 mod.
Focuser Adapters.
Parallel and Serial to USB Converters and extensions.

Cables by manufacturer...


Mount control (#505 and #507 equiv).
Power cables.
Autostar #495/ #497 and Autostar II handbox cables.


EQDirect cables.
Serial Mount control cables.
Power cables.
    EQ8 Power cables.
    AZ-EQ6 Power cables.
SynScan handbox cables.


Mount control cables.
Power cables.
NexStar handbox extension cables.


SS2K-PC control cables.
Vixen power cables.
Sphinx/ Skypod power cables.
SS2K-PC ST-4 to SS2K guide cable.


Gemini & Gemini 2 control cables.
Gemini power cables.
Gemini & Gemini 2 handbox cable.

SBIG ST-4...

ST-4 D15 to RJ12 cable.
ST-4 D15 to SS2K cable.
ST-4 D15 to Takahashi cable.


Guide Port Connecting Cables.
ST-4 D15 to Takahashi Guide port connecting cables.

Universal cables and components...


Parallel Guide Port Interface.
Connecting cables.
    ST4 Guide port connecting cables.
    SkySensor 2000 Guide port connecting cables.
    Takahashi Guide port connecting cables.
    AstroTrac Guide port connecting cables.
Note: For ASCOM guiding, see control cables under manufacturer above.


Serial to USB converter.
Parallel to USB webcam converter.
USB active extension.
USB 2.0 4 port hub.


Cigar Lighter Socket to Power Supply Adapter.
Cigar Lighter Socket to Battery Terminal Adapter.
Cigar Lighter Socket to Crocodile Clip Adapter.


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