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Getting your Canaon camera modified.

What you should send.

When you send your camera to be modified, you should install a fully charged battery and send just the body with no lenses or memory cards. You should wrap your camera in bubble wrap and put it in a suitably sized box.

How to send your camera

You should send your camera using Royal Mail Special Delivery or a similar overnight insured courier service to:

Andy Ellis
12 Third Avenue
NG19 0BQ

Some couriers have very competitive prices and can arrange collection from your home or work or via a collection point:

You should book and pay for the modification before sending your camera.


The normal turnaround time can be up to three weeks, though it may be less than this depending on how busy I am. If you would like to know more, then please write to me at and let me know when you intend to send the camera and I will be able to give you a more precise turnaround time.

Communication and Return

I will always try and write to you to let you know I have received your camera - if you expect that it has been delivered but you haven't heard from me within a few days, then please write to me and I'll let you know that it has arrived safely.

Once the job is complete, I will book a courier collection, usually with UPS or DHL, normally for the next working day and send it using a 1 to 2 day service (Mainland UK) - a signature/ proof of delivery may be required on receipt. As soon as your camera is with the courier, they will contact you with tracking information.

Inside the Canon 600D.


The work will be guaranteed for 3 months after time of delivery against all defects of workmanship - this guarantee is separate from any guarantees you may already have on the camera, and the work carried out will void your Canon guarantee.

If your camera is less than one year old then astronomiser's guarantee is extended to cover all parts and labour for any fault that develops in the camera after modding for three months.

Any damage which occurs during the filter replacement procedure will be communicated to the customer immediately. Although it may slightly add to the expected delivery time, the camera will be returned in the same condition as supplied or better with the modification work carried out.

The Orion Nebula (Paul Kaczmarski, 11/12 Canon 1100D).

M27 'The Dumbell Nebula'.

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