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Canon dSLR Modifications:



Why Canon dSLR cameras? About the term 'IR Mod' and general information about getting your camera modified.

filter removals

Filter Removals

Do you need a rear (colour correction) filter removal or a 'full-spectrum' filter removal? Find out here.

getting your camera modded

Getting Your Camera Modded

What you should send - how you should send it - turnaround and return is all explained on this page.

book a mod

Prices and Booking

Use this page to select your camera model and book it in for modification. Postal address, prices and payment options.

Articles and Information:

using a modified dslr

Using your camera

An article I wrote in 2008 for using your camera for astrophotography, this article should help you get going.

control software


A short introduction to the software that can be used to control your camera.

restoring white balance

White balance

Want to restore original white balance for normal photography? This page tells you how.

the eos clip filter myth

EOS clip filter myth

Can accurate autofocus be restored by using an EOS clip filter? No and here's why.

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